JETech Coque pour iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1 Pouces Antichoc Bumper Cover Anti-Scratch Clear Back HD Clear

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  • Supporte le chargement sans fil. Conçu pour iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1″ S’adapte parfaitement à votre appareil
  • Fabriqué en PC et TPU. Le design à petits points intérieurs évite les filigranes sur le dos et les côtés du téléphone. Design léger et fin. Dos ultra transparent et résistant aux rayures
  • Les bords surélevés offrent une protection supplémentaire pour l’écran et l’appareil photo. Design unique d’absorption des chocs : les 4 coins absorbent efficacement les chocs
  • Accès facile à toutes les commandes et fonctionnalités ; découpes parfaites pour haut-parleurs, appareil photo et autres ports
  • Contenu : coque pour iPhone 12/12 Pro 6,1″
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  1. JY

    Been using this cover for 3 weeks. I find it very sleek looking and does not make my Iphone 12 looks fat. There are fingerprints at the back but expected as it is after-all made of plastic. I have no trouble with the side buttons. The sides are not soft and the corners are extra tough. Charging and speaker areas are cut proportionally. The cutting was perfect for the camera area. Good value for the money as compared to what’s out there.


  2. Jo Harris

    I’m not sure where to start! This case is absolutely amazing and for the price I cannot complain at all.

    I had purchased the pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro 📱 and have been struggling to find a suitable case for this device as I wanted something that didn’t restrict too much of this years new Eye catching design whilst at the same time I wanted it to protect my phone. By no means is this a military case but what I can say is that it appears to have raised lips on both the front and back which protects the phone from laying completely flush with any surface which is amazing 🤩! It also fits very snug to the device, it does not feel cheap and it is super grippy. I have tried about 5 cases all together and this being the sixth and by far the cheapest I am absolutely blown away! Even makes the buttons on the device feel extremely tactile, to which apple did not intend for this year but I absolutely appreciate this case! Love it! Thank you 🙏

    Jo Harris

  3. Jonathan

    The case is INCREDIBLE! I’ve tried 2 other more expensive cases and they didn’t fit as good as this one.

    The back is a hard plastic with silicone bumper. The case feels durable and firm. Keep in mind it has a “screen guard” frame/bumper front and back which protects the phone if it falls screen facing. To me, it’s a plus, but it can make the phone bulkier.

    Fits tight and no wobbly edges.

    It stands out for allowing feedback “clicking” of the buttons, which not every case can offer. The finishing is glossy, so expect greasy finger prints.

    About the delivery:
    The delivery scanned the product and updated the status to “delivered – handed to a resident” but I never got it on time. It only 2 arrive 2 days later than the actual delivery date. Which isn’t much of a problem.


  4. Area Human

    Very excellent gel type phone case. Fits great, has raised edges in the right places, good grip.
    Only rated 4 stars for durability and sturdiness because I haven’t had it more than a couple weeks.
    It may yellow over time, would be my only very minor concern. And if it does yellow, I’ll just buy another one!

    Area Human

  5. SamuraiLG

    A Solid clear case for my blue iPhone 12. Definitely get to showcase the wonderful blue hue. It has a solid grip, not slippery. Only thing for me is there is not magnet support on the back so I have a magnetic wallet case and does not stick on very strong.
    Aside from this, without the wallet the case is Solid! And great Value for the Price! 🙏🏽✅💯


  6. Mark

    This is a fantastic Case for the iPhone 12. I wasn’t sure about a Clear Case however due to the colour of my daughter’s iPhone; I didn’t want for it to be covered up; because it is a beautiful Phone and vibrant colour. The Case is very easy to install and fits nicely and for the most part quite securely around the Phone.
    The only negative; I notice that around Ring/Silent button ; the sides were slightly elevated. Not sure if that’s a manufactured issue or if the Case was designed that way.
    All the ports and cut outs are exactly and aligned with the iPhone so great job.

    The Case has an nice layer of plastic for shock absorbent; if the Phone was to accidentally drop, hit or bump into another object or floor. It looks like it adds some sort of protection; however again be mindful that this added protection may not withstand from the smallest or hardest hits. But it’s a nice added feature.

    The Case is very Case Friendly to add a Screen Protector or Tempered Glass Protector with no issues.

    Overall a great Case if you want to showcase your iPhone it does add a bit more flair to your Phone other than the standard Black Cases.

    Great job JETech!

    If you found my Review helpful, please make to click the Helpful Link button on your way out. Happy Shopping.

    Stay Safe.


  7. Mr. K. I. M. Hinze

    When I first got this, I was going to give it four stars… because it’s great value for money, but there was a slight issue in that the edges were a bit “sharp”, for want of a better word. But I’ve since come to the conclusion, having had it for a few weeks now, that that was just because it was brand new – the edges have since softened making it comfortable to hold.

    This cover fits perfectly, and all the holes and button covers are in the right places. And all for under a tenner! You can spend £50 for an official one and it won’t be better than this.

    Mr. K. I. M. Hinze

  8. MM2

    Looks exactly like the $70 Apple clear case, but without the mag stripe and Apple logo, of course. My husband has the Apple one and we both like this $12 one better. It’s lighter and the lock button is easier to push. I haven’t had it for that long, so I can’t say if it will turn a yellow tint or not, but you can’t go wrong for $12!

    Note that the edges are not rounded like the Apple case. It doesn’t matter to me, but for someone who prefers very smooth and rounded edges, then go for the Apple case.


  9. Chari Santome

    Completa funda protectora del iphone tanto por delante con la pantalla como por detras con la camara ,

    Chari Santome

  10. Mathieu Marchand

    Got this case after I got my IPhone 12, looking for a clear case and affordable. Also been using their screen protectors for quite some time.

    It does the job, but I’m not a fan of the back design of the case. When holding it in hands, the back borders make it uncomfortable.

    My original solution was to get this to save money, but I ended up getting an official Apple case instead that feels much better, although lots more expensive..

    Mathieu Marchand

  11. De4ner

    Bought this in mid December 2020 for iPhone 12, as you can see it’s now yellow. Has been that way since about February 2021 right after return window closed lol. I bought the new ESR case on Amazon. Seems softer, clearer and more protective. That being said this JETech case is only $9, and cheaper than at the store. But I would expect it to last more than a couple months, which it did not…


  12. T.

    This iphone 12 case fits so perfectly!!! The price is really cheap compared to other phone cases and the quality is AMAZING! I recommend 100000%


  13. Charlotte Gibson

    Case fits perfectly to iPhone12 (standard iPhone12 ((not mini or pro)) (((bought feb 2021))). Secures and protects all sides of the phone, including the back. (Tempered screen and camera protection was bought separately)……..

    COVERED…. all 4 edges, rim around the screen and rim around the cameras on the back (protects genetic damage from putting phone down on its back)

    Would highly recommend this case! Bought my brother the same case when he got the same phone!!!

    Charlotte Gibson